Mardi Gras Events12th Anniversary Pisces Brunch

Pisces Brunch

This Sunday, March 6, 11 AM until …

The last three days of Carnival season begin with our annual Pisces Brunch. We offer brunch every year to celebrate our birthday, which falls under the Pisces sign. There has been some debate in recent months about the accuracy of the zodiac signs. We at El Rey believe we have the right to stick with Pisces. Who wants to be “Ophiuchus” anyway?

We will have farm-fresh eggs, Caw Caw Creek bacon, Breakfast Burritos, Migas and more. We are still putting the final touches on our menu, but you can look at last year’s here.

THIS JUST IN We have a limited edition t-shirt with our Pisces design available for sale on Sunday.

For $18 (plus tax) you can sport a rad El Rey / American Apparel Tee. First come, first served!

Printed by our super friends at Standard Deluxe.

Standard Deluxe’s 280 Stomp in Waverly, Alabama is around the corner on April 16th.

For more info & tickets click here!

First Monday Firkins

NOLA Brewing’s Hopitoulas IPA,

plus Gulf Shrimp and Grits … and Capirotada!

Monday, March 7, 4 PM

NOLA Brewing Company of New Orleans is making this month’s firkin!

The firkin will be filled with NOLA’s Hopitoulas IPA, dry-hopped with fresh, whole Cascade hops!

We will also have Gulf Shrimp and Grits made from McEwan and Sons organic yellow grits. Our delicious Capirotada, which is a Mexican Bread Pudding traditionally eaten during Lent, will be served.

Fat Tuesday

Jambalaya and Capirotada!

Tuesday, March 8, 4 PM

Come try our new Jambalayas! One version is made with Caw Caw Creek pastured pork Chorizo, and the other is vegan.

Our delicious Capirotada, which is a Mexican Bread Pudding traditionally eaten during Lent, will be available tonight, too!

There will be plenty of beer from NOLA and Abita, as well as great music and tons of beads.

St Patricks Day

Thursday, March 17, 4 PM

O’Hara’s Stout, Irish Whiskey Flights and more!!!

Beer Flight Night

Monday, March 21, 4 PM

Spring Beers. Line up to be announced soon!

El Rey Burrito Lounge | 1031 East Fairview Avenue | Montgomery, Alabama | 36106 | 334-832-9688



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